Dissolution is an FPS MMORPG set in the year 2418. After a devastating war of extinction against the AI, the United Space Front desperately tries to recoup their losses and regain control of the solar system. There is ample opportunity for anyone in the vacuum of power and space. Whether you want to fight for humanity or abandon it, there is a chance for you to make your mark in history!

A Real, Player Driven Economy

Players make up the heart of the Dissolution economy by trading items. Official and third-party ERC 721 exchanges give real world value to everything in game.

True Ownership

Everything in Dissolution is backed on the Ethereum network by ERC-721 tokens, giving players direct unprecidented control over their characters and items.

Unique Evolutionary Items

Dissolution features truly unique weapons which are each serilaized by a ERC 721 token. Legendary weapons become unique to you and evolve to best suit your playstyle by tracking your performance and stats which are etched on the blockchain.

Dominate and Profit

Profit with your friends by controlling territory and dominating the solar system. Create pirate and mercenary organizations to loot and pillage resources from your rivals. The possibilities for limitless.

Men Tshirt

Men Tshirt

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Men Hoodie

Men Hoodie

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Total $317
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