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What is Dissolution?

Dissolution is a free-to-play FPS MMORPG set in a world ravaged by Rogue AI where players are free to choose their own storyline in a persistent open-world environment. Players are thrusted into hostile environments to compete for resources and territory. Team up with your friends and experience intense PvP and PvE battles with real-world stakes on the line.

As blockchain enthusiasts and gamers, Dissolution is our dream game. A living, breathing world parallel to our reality. Our goal is to immerse you into the universe not only through high-level visual fidelity, but also through the realistic economy powered by blockchain.

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Our Progress

Developmental Stages

Dissolution is a highly ambitious project, with an overall estimated development time of 5 years.

We've broken down our development process in 3 Primary Stages. Each stage is designed to ship as a standalone game.

Stage 1: Tactical Shooter

Experience the high-intensity action of future small-arms combat. Polish your skills in a variety of environments from ship breaching CQB to 0-gravity asteroid belts.

Stage 2: Combined Arms

Combined arms will feature unique maps and scenarios that require coordination between infantry and aerial assets. Ship combat will use a realistic physics model that only the best pilots will master.

Stage 3: Open World

Open world will feature a persistent map of our current solar system, with a player-driven narrative and economy. Band together to control territory and destroy your competitors. May the best man win.

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