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Ethereum Integration Explained

Integrating Dissolution’s economy through blockchain allows for an immersive experience unlike any other game. Although there are in-depth combat mechanics, the main goal of Dissolution is to amass resources and build empires.

We are using ERC-1155 and the Enjin platform as our backend solution for connecting the game to the Ethereum blockchain. To keep things simple and friendly to users who don’t have an Ethereum address or are unfamiliar with blockchain, we will also be storing account and inventory on our central database like traditional games. At the same time, blockchain gamers can play our game while keeping their items as ERC-1155 tokens.

The player-driven economy is the core of Dissolution. Blockchain allows us to create enforceable scarcity within the game: meaning there will always be a finite supply of any item. This forces the player to make realistic economic decisions, either through gameplay or through trading. Player-driven trading affects the values of different resources and items, and in-turn create an ever-changing economic and political landscape. Combat and war will be waged strategically over resources, territory, and strategic assets such as space stations. Being able to predict the price action of key in-game resources will not only provide you with speculative opportunity, but also dynamic combat opportunities such as raiding mines to steal precious metals.

Blockchain also enables us to tailor unique player experiences to everyone and provides long-lasting consequences for your actions. Short of consumables, each item in Dissolution is unique, and one-of-a-kind. Certain weapons have achievements, which unlocked, will transform the weapon to be completely unique to the player, even becoming named after them. These achievements will be forever inscribed on the item’s blockchain counterpart, meaning that your actions will forever be remembered by the game.

Blockchain also allows us to bring more value to the player’s time investment of Dissolution. We actively encourage our players to engage in trading, whether it be through the in-game exchange, or through 3rd party exchanges such as opensea.io. We offer players the ability to have true ownership over their items, after all, they earned them. Dissolution is the first game which allows players to store their items off-server. Potential collaborations with other gaming projects can see these items be transferable to different games in the future. With blockchain, the potential is truly limitless.

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